Event venue

Corporate events

For a successful event the appropriate venue, the special gastronomic experience and professionalism is indispensable.

Impress Your colleagues and business partners with the help of Vogue Boat’s optimal extra services. By achieving Your ideas we make Your event memorable.

Our event and programme organizer colleague helps You to level up the event.


Why are we special?

  • - unique atmosphere of the panorama and the closeness of water
  • - our boat is a port from where we offer boat trips or water limousines
  • - both small groups and full house events can be organized
  • - given a two-storey-setting our guests can have lunch and party at the same time
  • - on the top floor glass terrace there is such a panorama which would impress anyone
  • - our groundfloor stage has a space even for a band of eight musicians
  • - we can help You out with programme organization
  • - technique: projector, screen, microphone, full sound technique, audio-mixer
  • - catering: among our served, buffet-style and fingerfood offers everyone can find something to his/her taste
  • - our wide range of beverages and our quality winelist should gratify everyone
  • - on the spot there is an opportunity to accommodate even 8 persons in our room with a Danube panorama




Private and Family Events

For the perfect celebration it is crucial to have delicious food and beverage, an attentive staff and an exceptional location. We all have these!

Types of events we can organize on our ship: all kinds of family happenings: kids’ parties, birthday parties, christening, anniversary, school and university graduation lunch, wedding lunch and dinner, engagement.

We help You to carry out all Your ideas!

Types of events we can organize on our ship: family celebrations, kids’ parties, birthday parties, parties, class meetings, banquet, engagement dinner, engagement, romantic dinner.