Mediterranean pearls ∙ Premium offer on board

Mediterranean pearls ∙ Premium offer on board

Mediterranean vibes of Europe’s fabulous, coastal regions and modern culture of the West go hand in hand on one of the trendiest boat of the Danube, where southern flavours and contemporary cuisine trends interweave to invite you a real culinary experience in the heart of Budapest. Our light, healthy and delicious meals are made from the greatest ingredients and compounded by our prominent chef’s team with more decades experience behind, who are inspired by their passionate and experimental attitude. The warm wainscot interior with its natural colours is in a complete harmony with the Mediterranean tastes below, while the pure shapes and engraved glass surfaces create an exclusive and imposing design, guaranteeing an intimate, elegant and international atmosphere on the Danube.

The offer is available as a gift card as well.

Price of the 5 meals for 1 person: 50 EUR

Validity: 01/01/20 - 29/02/20

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