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About us

The renowned team of the elegant standing ship with about thirty years of international experience awaits its dear guests in a premium environment, accompanied by first-class food and professional service, where the unique atmosphere is ensured by the meeting of long-standing traditions and contemporary trends.

The magical view of the quayside and the patinated historic buildings of the historic part of the city, as well as the clean, classic elegance of the interior, yet modern luxury, create a special atmosphere, creating a perfect harmony between past and present style trends


The creative creations of the renowned chef of the restaurant similarly promise exciting impulses, enriching the lovers of special gastronomic creations with an unrepeatable taste experience. The South Slavic origin of the object, the impressions on the way to Hungary, the Hungarian traditions, and the international expertise working in the background result in an unusual harmony that deserves an unprecedented qualification in the realm of culinary delights.


The deck is not only suitable for a'la carte guest traffic, but also for the implementation of other programs and even individual ideas by the special offer. Both corporate and private events can be held as event venues, and the luxury comfort of the boat apartments is recommended for those who want to fully relax.

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